Slot machine test: Spartacus

His name resonates even after over two thousand years through the pillars of history. Spartacus was a slave and Gladiator, and should challenge the whole Roman Empire. But also, who wants to pass no history books, will have heard of him--many films have taken on his. Also in the same slot machines from the House of Williams interactive Spartacus has large, what you can see already on the rolls. So is the machine not only with five reels, therefore, but equal to ten pieces spread half on two fields. Left the peloton, in addition the side box with twelve lines. A large number of opportunities, results in allowing to demonstrate with the 100 win lines. In short: You will come more than once to profit in the slot game of Spartacus and with any luck get even large amounts of.

You want to join the fight against the Roman Empire, then you can visit the CasinoEuro. Here, the machine is offered. And sniff carefully you can also, since you also Spartacus free play. In this case of course without the prospect of real money winnings.

Play Spartacus online now!

Spartacus online play

When a slot is a title, then that of course also obliged. And actually a lot will be offered you. This already starts in the two fields, which come on a total of ten reels. The right panel is equipped with twelve lines. A total whopping 100 paylines, arise which means of course regular profits, even if these have not always particularly high.

Basically apply the usual rules that you need to make winning lines but also in the Spartacus machine game. Exactly what are the symbols and lines. Only same symbols can form rows, the exception to this is the wild wild.

If the 100 paylines are too much for you, then you can disable this in twenty steps. In this way, you can increase the line usage in return. Then sink your chances, but you should win, then the amounts also according to your bet higher. But not alone your risk-taking decides on the amount of the profit. The value of the symbol itself, what is related also to the length of the line is just as important.

Slot game symbols in the Spartacus online slot

The heart of a slot machine consists of course of his symbols and also because the Spartacus slot runs not just according to the principle of savings. The four suits Spades, clubs, diamonds and heart make the start, but then it will be really exciting. With sword and shield, helmet, Lions and Gladiators, there is everything that belongs in a Roman setting. In addition lead to more Spartacus and a fighter. Both icons are larger than the others and can thus cover multiple rows. The Coliseum serves as a feature icon for free games, the game's logo is the valuable wild, which allows other symbols can be replaced. In this way you have a Joker in Spartacus, which will help you to more winning lines.

Slot machines instructions by Spartacus

Even if the many reels, lines, and winning lines can act only once erschlagend, Spartacus way to but simply play. Because basically the casino not slot machine is different from other copies. Just in the slots casino login, deposit money and can already go there. The settings on the payline and the usage are important for you what you can make before each round. On the left you will find the payout table and the autostart mode.

Conclusion to the Spartacus test

A slave and Gladiator who challenges the Roman Empire. This is a story that is perfect as a game machine, because also this is about opportunities. Thematically, everything was super implemented with the symbols. Spartacus is a slot game that more works about the amount of profits, so that single line gains can be quite too time smaller.

Colosseum Gladiator